Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello, 2012


The start to the New Year serves as a critical time to take charge of our health, get inspired, and rev our engines for what will hopefully be an even better year than the last. Until now, I have been skeptical of New Years’ resolutions--- shouldn’t we make “resolutions” every day to make improvements in our lives, even if those improvements are only minor?  New Years’ resolutions do, however, provide a perfect justification for a blank slate.  And there couldn’t be a better clean slate than the start of a new year. My resolution this year: try a new recipe each week (among others).  

This blog grows out of my love for food, well-being, interior design, fashion, and anything else that sparks inspiration in many of us.  
I am constantly on the search for new ideas, whether that be a warm winter soup, a simple way to redecorate my bedroom, or a new way to wear the clothes I already have.  As I start this blog, I hope to include the topics above, but especially focus on the food aspect.  After all, who doesn't love a hearty meal or a warm cookie fresh out of the oven?

I encourage you to visit my blog to find your own inspiration as well.  Please ask questions, share ideas, and find a recipe or two! Stay tuned...

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